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GO Energy!

The goal of this project was to craft a standout drink brand, GO! Energy was born from a vision to offer consumers a vibrant and invigorating alternative in the energy drink market. The main focus was delivering a brand that would differentiate itself from the rest of the industry that is filled with artificial concoctions and chemicals that are harmful for the user.

The main focus was creating a dynamic brand identity that would capture attention and convey vitality. Bold colors, playful typography, and energetic imagery came together in the packaging design to communicate GO! Energy's commitment to natural ingredients and vibrant energy.

Overall, the goal of the branding was to establish GO! Energy as a refreshing and vibrant presence in comparison to many of the most popular energy drinks out now. Through a harmonious blend of bold design elements, lively color schemes, and playful imagery, the branding captures the essence of vitality and natural goodness embodied by the drink.