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Pacific Wraps Lables

As part of my job with the University of Wisconsin: Milwaukee Restaurant Operations, I was tasked with designing labels for the Pacific Wraps unit on campus. The goal was to make it easy for customers to identify the different wrap options when they were placed on the food warmer. To achieve this, I used the preexisting colors of the unit and modified them slightly to create a more vibrant, teal shade that reflected the Pacific theme. To draw attention to the unit and the unique cuisine it offered, I created custom palm tree vector illustrations that were featured prominently on each label. The labels also included the name of each wrap as well as a list of its ingredients, making it easy for customers to choose the wrap that suited their tastes. The design of the labels aimed to convey a sense of the unit's unique offerings and to catch the attention of passersby, encouraging them to try the delicious Pacific-inspired wraps.