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Pizza Presto Rebrand

The task at hand at my job with the UWM Restaurant Operations was to breathe new life into Pizza Presto's branding and signage. The previous design, limited to grays and blacks, failed to captivate potential customers. My mission was clear: infuse color and vitality into the brand, with pizza rightfully taking center stage. The new logo featured a vibrant, mouth-watering pizza, adorned with reds, oranges, and yellows, surrounded by the bold Pizza Presto name arcing above. A slice, enticingly pulled from the pizza's center, added a dynamic touch, drawing the eye and igniting appetites.

By emphasizing the pizza as the focal point of the logo, I aimed to create a visually arresting representation of Pizza Presto's offerings. The vibrant colors and lively imagery injected much-needed energy into the brand.

Overall, the goal of the rebranding endeavor was to transform Pizza Presto into a beacon of color and excitement in the realm of restaurant signage. Through strategic use of vibrant design elements and a focus on the irresistible appeal of pizza, the rebranding initiative successfully revitalized Pizza Presto's image, capturing the attention of passersby and enticing them to experience the delicious offerings within.